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B.V. Engineering was incorporated in 1996 with its prime business in Truss Roofing under the inspiring guidance of Sri. Biju.V Over the years we have ventured into various multifaceted activities . and today we are the market leaders in this field. We are proud to be an organization which caters to the needs of healthy & wealthy new generation. In the area of truss work, the company has shown its standards with its outstanding quality-oriented works. We are well equipped with a dedicated team of highly experienced workers and a large number of satisfied customer’s through-out Kerala, who have helped us to achieve this enviable position. It is a beautiful world with B.V. Engineering who are continuously thriving on the economic growth path with its multifaceted activities in kerala. In this process, we have concentrated on all our efforts to change the landscape of the city’s a more livable one. Today, we have a dedicated team of professionals working with us and also a large number of satisfied customers, who have helped us to achieve this enviable position.